Pat Jessee

I have been doing some kind of art all my life. My father was an artist and always told the story that he put a pencil in my hand when I was 2 and I’ve been drawing ever since. I also created much of my own clothing and that of my kids, and tried many other art mediums. At Kansas University I majored in art and also took classes at the Kansas City Art Institute, under Wilber Niewald.

I have been in numerous juried art fairs including, the nationally known, Kansas City Plaza Art Fair, I have been in many juried shows across the country, and have received several purchase awards. I have had several one-woman shows. In recent years, I have been in a National Pastel show in Wichita 2012 ad 2014, the Kansas 150 Show in Topeka, KS, a celebration of Kansas being a state for 150 years, I was in a Faces 2012 show in Springfield Illinois, and the Merriam, KS City Hall juried show. Also I was in an International Juried Pastel Show in Arizona in 2009, and a pastel show at a gallery in Topeka, Ks 2014. I have used virtually all paint mediums. At the moment I am mostly doing acrylic painting and pastels. I had not tried pastels before 2008, when I took a risk and bought some pastels, I fell in love with this medium. It seems a natural medium for me. I love it and love using a pastel stick and all the 3 trays of colors. I paint everything from landscapes, seascapes, images of pictures I have taken in my travels, and also city scenes. In addition, I do portraits, inspired art, and interesting people. I am also experimenting with Abstract Expressionism which is a new adventure for me.

My inspired Art, often comes from a dream or an image, or picture in my mind, and then it evolves from there. These paintings are not usually Bible stories, but more metaphors of Jesus. I often paint Jesus smiling, because there are so many paintings of a holy Jesus, and he is that, but there is a loving non-judging Jesus that I want people to know and that He really does want to have a relationship with us.

Native Americans are another passion of mine. I want people to see the dignity and proud culture they once had, and with my painting, help bring back their culture and heritage, that the “white Man” nearly destroyed.

Patriotic paintings are another venue that seems important especially in these difficult times. I have read accounts of George Washington, the founding father of our country and our General in the Revolutionary War. He had a basic groundwork of faith in God, honesty and integrity that has been somewhat lost in today’s culture and government. With these patriotic images I have created, I hope I will be a help drawing Americans back to good values that we might become a great nation once again, “One Nation Under God.”

My Portfolio