United We Stand Divided We Fall

This came, partly in a dream and partly in a picture in my mind. I was in a baseball stadium  with people holding an American flag horizontally and then the flag ripped. I woke up and as I thought about it, I saw in my mind a rope and grommets putting the flag securely back together. It’s the idea that our country is torn apart and God wants to unite us once again.. There are 2 versions:

1. It has a poem on the back written by John Sprague, (Mac) a former Marine. Note Cards blank on the inside.

2. The explanation of how I got the idea for the painting and what it means, tells the story and can also go on the back of the note cards, or the poem by John Sprague

“Our kids and grand kids hold safety drills.While we pretend that nothing is wrong.

Some take a knee because they disagree, when they hear our country’s song.

We march and we walk amid venomous talk, like a Kipling’s East and West.

We’re going down hill against our will, while we each think our side is best.

Our spirit is worn and our name is scorned, like this, we’re sure to die fast

But there’s common air from here to there, so think and breathe…RELAX

For the blood we bleed’s universal, like those who choose to defect,

Roots run deep and all families weep, yet the answer is simple…RESPECT

Let us differ in thoughts and our customs, but listen and let each other know

That despite all the chatter, all lives matter, our differences are how we will grow.

So my arms are open and I’m eagerly hoping, you’ll at least try doing the same

Because being exactly the opposite, is a form of being the same.

Please talk to me and I’ll talk to you, and together we’ll make our own plan

You see, for each of us the last two words, in American are “I Can.”


Please call (816) 444-4933 or email pat@patjesseecreations.com if you are interested in purchasing a painting or print (giclee priced according to size).

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Project Details

Artist Pat Jessee
Medium Pastel
Frame Unframed
Availability Original and Giclee
Price $700
Year 2017

Digital Prints

Artist Pat Jessee
Medium digital prints
Size 8 1/2″ x 11″
Price $35
Year 2017

Note cards $3.00 each blank inside. The poem is on the back, or the same front with the explanation on the back.


Giclees are prints done on 100% rag paper or canvas, and archival inks. You can almost not tell these prints from the original, they retain their value, and a limited quantity of them are printed. At this time, they are unframed. I can frame them for an additional cost, but it would depend on which frame, the kind of glass, and whether you want a double matt or a spacer to keep the pastel from touching the glass. These look like a painting in a frame, with no matt. You cannot tell the spacer is there. Oils or acrylics painted on canvas can be giclees also, but they don’t need glass, and these canvas prints can be stretched on a wood frame, like a regular oil. They can be a wrap-around frame,( the canvas is wrapped around a wooden stretcher hence you can hang it without a conventional frame), or framed in the conventional way.

Canvas Prints
1. This includes getting a print of the painting on canvas and a protective coating.

2. If the order is for a print on canvas rolled up and mailed in a tube:
11×14…………………$90.00 plus shipping
16×20…………………$110.00 plus shipping
20×24…………………$148.00 plus shipping
24×30…………………$225.00 plus shipping

Canvas Prints coated with a protective coating, and canvas stretched on a 3/4″wood stretcher, canvas, painted on the sides and wired for hanging.
11×14…………………$170.00 plus shipping
16×20…………………$200.00 plus shipping
20×24…………………$225.00 plus shipping
24×30…………………$350.00 plus shipping

Larger prints can be done. Email for pricing.
There is an additional cost for acrylics or oils mounted on a wooden frame.
Sizes may vary slightly depending on the painting