About Pat

My dad was an artist and he liked to tell the story that he put a pencil in my hand when I was 2 and I’ve been drawing ever since. He encouraged my art over the years and even bought some of my early paintings to encourage my art and also because he liked what I did. I’ve done portrait commissions, landscapes, people, and inspired art. My art continues to evolve, and I try different mediums: first watercolor, then pen and ink, oils,  acrylics, pastels, and now back to oils.  I have also done murals in my church,  another church, and ink drawings of people’s houses.

I graduated from Kansas University with a major in art. Taught art in a junior high for a year. Then went on to explore different subjects also while raising a family.  I later worked for the family greeting card company designing cards. I started doing Christian paintings which are more about concepts of faith and who God is rather than stories in the Bible, and portrait commissions. I pray that the portraits I paint will not only create a likeness of the person, but also the personality of who they are. Many of my paintings come in dreams or pictures in my mind. I have also done a series of American Flag paintings, which have been in calendars.

My inspired art often comes from a dream or an image in my mind, and then it evolves from there. These paintings are not usually Bible stories, but more metaphors of Jesus. I often paint Jesus smiling, as the loving, non-judging Jesus that I want people to know, to show that He really does want to have a relationship with us.

Native Americans are another passion of mine. I want people to see the dignity and proud culture they once had, and with my paintings, honor their culture and heritage.

Pat’s Mission

Patriotic paintings are another venue that seems important, especially in these difficult times. I have read accounts of George Washington, the founding father of our country and our General in the Revolutionary War. He had a basic groundwork of faith in God, honesty, and integrity that has been somewhat lost in today’s culture and government. With these patriotic images I have created, I hope I will be a help draw Americans back to good values that we might become a great nation once again, “One Nation Under God.”