Patriot Angel – Prints

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Artist Pat Jessee
Medium Pastel
Size 18 x 24
Availability Giclee
Price Original Not for Sale
Year 2013
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I created this angel from a vision, a worship leader saw as she was worshipping the Lord and heard the song: “Freedom reigns in this place, showers of mercy and grace.” She said, “Suddenly, there in sight toward the door of the sanctuary, was a huge angel!

He had jet black hair, with a full, long braid wrapped about his head and flowing down his back. There were brilliant colors of red white and blue which began to form a stripe on his body. Over the area of his heart was the dark blue background with white stars on it, as if it were a shield. He had become a visible living flag (which is also known as a national standard or banner.) I knew this angel was sent in, and I began to ask the Lord, “Who was this angel. What is his purpose?” The Lord began to say that, ”A new wave of patriotism will emerge and it will start in the church. I have sent this angel to ignite you and it will find residence here…The Church has the ability to change the course of history for history is surely being made.

This angel is really a warrior and he ministers to the true patriot- us. (A patriot is a proud supporter or defender of his or her country and it’s way of life)” I felt the braid, which is long, represents unity. “A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12 NIV. The braid is wrapped in a gold cord which is valuable and helps hold the braid together.

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