In God We Trust

$650.00 Plus Sales Tax

Artist Pat Jessee
Medium Pastel
Size 18″ x 26″
Availability Original still available; also available in giclee prints
Year 2012

This painting is the idea of a covenant between Jesus and George Washington that was there in the beginning and a visual to show we need to get back to that thinking now. The flag in the background shows both the 50 stars and more prominent the original 13 stars.

Father of our Country. His life and the significance of his leadership in the Revolutionary War and in our new nation. Riding a horse into battle made him a clear target for the British. Many guns were fired, some bullets grazed him, but he wasn’t injured. Other scenes include his home at Mt. Vernon, George and Martha together, the official swearing in as President, kneeling in the snow in prayer before a battle and crossing the Delaware to do battle in the midst of winter with his fellow soldiers breaking the ice.