We have in our home six Pat Jessee paintings: two pastoral scenes; two portraits of our children as well as two European scenes we loved that Pat captured for us from photos. One painting greets us every morning when we wake and it means so much to us. Pat is the mother of friends of our children of the same age, and she perfectly captured our teenage children at the time. The pastoral scenes especially are emblematic of the depth of this extraordinary artist.
Mary and Carole Mehl
Tom and I adore Pat’s artwork. Actually we have a “Pat Jessee Room”, filled with intricate pen and ink drawings, watercolors of children sledding down a hill in Kansas City, and a brilliant painting of Vespas parked in a village in Italy. Pat works in several mediums, with equal talent. She is so versatile in subject matter, whether it’s a landscape, a still life, or groups of people. I always look forward to Pat Jessee’s art shows!
Tom and Andrea Klingner Kansas City
Wall space in every house is precious real estate. I want something hanging that brings me joy every day. Pat Jessee’s hat paintings grace my house and I haven’t tired of them. Full of light, humor, color, symbolism, and extraordinary detail, they make my eyes happy. Perfect gift for the woman who wears a lot of hats, so to speak.
Judith Markovich, Nashville Tennessee
I’m a big fan of Pat Jessee’s work and am the proud owner of two of her paintings. Both, we have prominently on display in our home. What I love about her work is the richness of the colors, and the expression she captures in her subject through her wonderful technique whether in pastels, acrylics, or oils. She’s a master at her craft.
Bob Postlethwaite, Toronto, Canada