I’m in Heaven – Hallelujah


Artist Pat Jessee
Medium Acrylic
Size 7 -18” x 24”prints
Frame Wrap-around canvas


Another person’s face can be inserted in this painting. From a photo of your loved one, make a painting of her, and then, I can insert digitally this painting with Jesus in heaven. Then, have it printed on a digital press and you get 7 prints of it. It can all be done via photos sent by cell phone, with approval when the painting of the face is done, then printed and mailed to you. I can send the digital image to you by phone so you have it right away for a video for the funeral if I’m not too busy, and have some leeway at the time.

Please call (816) 444-4933 or email pat@patjesseecreations.com if you are interested in purchasing a painting or print (giclee priced according to size).